I am a happily married man and we live in Cadillac Michigan. My wife and I love our 4 seasons in Northern Michigan. I am a License Builder and have been in construction since 1977. I started shooting compound bows in the 90's and enjoyed it so much I sold my bass boat. Since then I have been hooked on archery.

A little background to my invention:
I have talked to numerous shooters over the years that have target panic. I surely can relate to this as I had it so bad I wanted to quite shooting all together. YES... as highly recommended by top shooters I finally switched to a back tension release. Once I switched to a back tension release it did not take me long to realized I was struggling with that inconsistent index finger pressure to get the shot off. NOW.... what do i do....
Being a perfectionist I knew there had to be a better release design. After altering and designing many releases with a dremel tool, files, grinders, sand paper, etc. I have developed this amazing release design which creates the first consistent dead centering pressure pivot point on the index finger in the archery release industry. My original proto-type release was made out of a piece of oak with hook filed out of a piece of brass. This finished product is one that I am very proud of.
Anytime a competition archer or hunter can shoot consistent arrows they will continue to enjoy the sport. This is a win win for all of us that enjoy the sport of archery.
I asked some friends to think of a good name for my new release to no avail.

My wife was sitting at the kitchen table when I arrived home with my first release. Taking the release in my hand and explaining to my wife how it works... I said.... OK sweetheart you hold the release with your index finger in the hole like this....your thumb is on this thumb peg which acts like a safety.... you now hook it on this D-Loop to draw the bow back.... she looks at me and says.... OH... so it is just a Hooker thing.... a little pause from me.... I look at her and said.... why don't I name it.... Whalens Hooker Release. After a little hesitation.... she looks at me.... smiles.... and says she does not see anything wrong with the name. It is quite catchy. Once you hear the name you probably will not forget it. That name has stuck with the release from that day forward!

"Whalens Hooker Releases" The Original Release revolutionizing the archery release industry!

Our releases absolutely defines KISS.... Keep It Simple Stupid....

100% Made in the USA!

Contact info:
Whalens Archery
Michael S. Whalen
11726 W. Finkle Rd
Cadillac, MI 497601
Tel: (231) 620-9010

Email: mike@whalenshookerrelease.com<