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Caleb Knee Michigan

Terry Rose Virginia

Michael Knee

Joelle Schneider Michigan

Nick Euse Nevada

Jamey Hower Michigan

John Davis Tennessee

Michael Mc Comas West Virginia

David Drahoninsky Czech Republic Paralympic Shooter

The Czech athlete’s 668 points for 72 arrows is a world best since the introduction of the new para archery classifications on 1 April 2014

Drahoninsky, pictured in red in the main image, followed up his strong qualification with a 142 score for the 15-arrow match. Both are Para Archery world records subject to ratification. Over 150 archers from 22 Countries are competing in the Nova Mesto Para Archery Tournament in 2014. It is the largest event of the year for the Czech sports club, which has hosted major Para Archery Tournaments since 1997.
Davids choice of release was the New Whalens Hooker Release....The "Pin-wheel" in a Gold 3 Finger 7/8 inch wrist strap model.
Two world-best marks fall to Czech athlete David Drahoninsky at last Para World ranking tournament before European Championships.
Beijing Paralympic Champion and London 2012 Silver Medalist Davind Drahoninsky shot a new world ranking record for the compound W1 category this week in Nove Mesto.

The Czech Republic athlete's 668 points for 72 arrows is a Worlds best since the introduction of the new Para Archery classification on 1 April 2014

Dale Heavner Kentucky

Grace Heavner Kentucky

Michael Christensen Michigan

Hunter Conner Georgia

Justin Hoffman Michigan

Jason Biss Michigan

Robert Streepy Alabama

Aaron Wirsing Michigan

Travis Buller Oklahoma

Mitch Tromp Michigan

Ron Mihalko Wisconson

Awie Krog South Africa

Dustin Ford Texas
Jim Ream Pennsylvania

Mark Stephans 	Michigan
I shot this deer with the Hooker Release last fall during the rut in Wisconsin. It was a cold calm morning.I had a doe nearby bedded and blind called this deer into 12 yards. He never knew I was there. 145 5/8 inches and dressed weight of 226 pounds.
Bruce Anderson    Minnesota 

I shot this bear in MN at 18 yards. It dressed out at 383 lbs. It was 6' 2" long from nose to tail.
I would like to thank Mike and his great release and support with helping me harvest this great animal!!! 
Mike van Leeuwen          South Africa
Glen White          Alberta Canada 

Jeffrey deJager Michigan

Jeffery has hunted with a recurve bow his entire life, some 40 plus years. After a shoulder injury Jeffrey had to purchase
his first compound bow in 2009 harvesting all these animals in his first year with a compound bow and the Hooker release!

Ryan Ederer Michigan

Ryan with his 2008 Ohio buck.
Thanks for the great product. I must say that I have used your releases since the start! I shot this buck at 60 yards
and know for a fact that I would never have been able to keep it together with any other release out there. I used my 7/8 inch Hooker release with the wrist strap combo exclusively and love it!
It slows me down when the moment of truth comes around.
Once committed to the release you will be a better shot.... Period.
Thanks Mike!

Hannes Roux    South Africa

Tim Moore    Indiana

Mick Ridolfi    Austrailia


Rick Risner    Pennesylvania
Mike Rose    Tennessee

John Davis Tennesse
David Kennedy    New Hampshire
Vaughn Rader    Oklahoma                    (RIP my friend)
Andy Asseltine    Ontario Canada

Kyle Vorpagel Maine
Nito Mortera    Ohio
 Kolby Crooks    Oklahoma

Kolby Crooks age 7 with his first Deer.
Kolby shot it with his Hoyt Ruckus at 16 yards using a Whalen’s Hooker Release!!
The deer ran only 50 yards before falling over dead.
Scott Ferris Illinois

Tyler Wiant Pennesylvania

Tylers first buck with a bow.

Jimmy Rivera Oklahoma

Jimmy shot this awesome buck on 11-11-2011 in Kansas! (RIP my friend)

Doug Girton Indiana