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Whalens Archery
Michael S. Whalen
11726 W. Finkle Rd.
Cadillac, Mi 49601
Tel: (231) 620-9010


"Our Original Hooker Release has been available since 2008"

Introduced in 2013 The New "Pin-wheel Release (Patent-pending)

The New "Pin-wheel" Release.... A Rotational Teflon Sleeve used in conjunction with our archery release creating a consistent centering pivot point. This Rotational Teflon sleeve rotates 360 degrees inside the index finger hole. CAUTION: There is NO NEED to apply any type of oil, lubricant, grease, compounds, Vaseline, WD-40, liquid spry, etc. to the Rotational Teflon Sleeve. Applying any of these products can damage the operation of the "Pin-wheel" Release. A little soap and cold water in your kitchen sink is the best cleaner for the "Pin-wheel" Release.

We are Sorry.... we cannot upgrade your Original Hooker Release to the New Patent-Pending "Pin-wheel"

"Revolutionizing the archery release industry!
Available in the 2 or 3 finger model

"Competition or Hunting"

Use it with or without the custom made leather wrist strap

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Email: mike@whalenshookerrelease.com

DROHONINSKY sets two world records at Nove Mesto (CZE) Friday June 27, 2014 and Wins Gold Medal!

Davids choice of release is the New Patent-Pending "Pin-wheel" Gold 3 Finger in the 7/8 inch model with our Custom Made Leather Wrist Strap

"Whalen's Hooker Releases"

or the new


In 2007 Our Original Release design.... created the first consistent centering pressure pivot point in the archery release Industry!

"Our Original Release Turning Heads"

All releases are available in a 1 inch or 7/8 inch model. The standard colors are Black, Red, Green, Blue or Gold.

The main body is 6061 aluminum with a stainless steel hook and screws.
Included with every purchase is a smooth and knurled thumb peg and a #50 allen wrench for adjusting the release.
Every release is ambidextrous. Simply flip release over and screw the thumb peg in the other side.

There are no moving parts to fail, wear out or break.

All releases can be used with or without our custom made top quality leather wrist strap.
The wrist strap maker (Marilyn) has been making custom horse saddles for over 45 years. She has sold her custom saddles all around the world.

The design of our releases allows the shooter to draw the bow back with their thumb on the thumb peg. This acts like a safety as it turns the release as not to fire. Upon full draw to anchor point and on your target you relax the thumb off the thumb peg. This allows the release to rotate creating the first consistent centering pressure pivot point on the index finger. When you continue your shot process our release will fire easier than most other release.

The explanation of this is.... Our design eliminates the inconsistent finger pressure you experience with many other releases.
All of our releases are designed to act like a tetter totter... With NO inconsistent index finger pressure on the release your outside finger pressure makes this release fire very smooth and consistent.

Similar to the design of a firearm.... the trigger is designed in the middle for a reason.
It is amazing how the Hooker Release design helps in the left or right arrows issues. One example is....I have held my Hooker Release at full draw and let many other shooters pull on the outside finger hold until my release fires.... still shooting an X!!

It is absolutely the release that defines KISS: Keep it simple stupid!

Determining the size to order:

If you are going to hold the release on the flat of your fingers (see diagram) the 7/8 inch model usually will work. The women and kids usually use the 7/8 inch model.

If you are going to hold it deep or use a light jersey glove the 1 inch model is usually better.

The overall release size is the same. The size of the hole is the difference.